Exercise Tips for Your Best Health

Exercise Tips for Your Best Health

Step Into Your Best Health Yet with These Exercise Tips!

Eating right is one of the main components of getting healthy, fit, and achieving weight management. However, your body needs you to exercise too. There are so many benefits to getting exercise from feeling happier overall to getting better sleep at night.

But for many people, exercise can feel like a chore. Here are my best exercise tips for you to help keep it fun and refreshing so you’ll never skip out on the exercise your body needs for your health program.

Enjoy where you exercise
For some people, exercising at the gym is an invigorating experience. Whether you enjoy the cardio equipment, weight lifting, taking a class or incorporating all the elements that the gym offers you, it’s a smart move IF you life it. But what if going to the gym feels forced? Perhaps the closest gym is far away or you have no choice but to either drive there super early in the morning or late after work. There’s no rule that says you MUST exercise in the #gym so if that’s the case, pick the park or a pool or some other venue where you always feel like you’re glad you came. You’ll be more likely to stick to it.

Choose something you like
Your best friend might love her spin class but to you, it’s agony. And not in that, “Wow, I can feel all my muscles!” kind of way. I get it. Maybe another class speaks to your spirit, so try that instead. Always go with exercise that you have fun doing. It makes the time pass more quickly!

Get a buddy
There are some people who find it healing to exercise solo. But for others, that’s the absolute kiss of death. If you can’t stand to exercise alone, find a partner in exercise crime that will help you stay motivated. For many, being counted on to show up for a run or meet at the gym helps them stay true to their weight management plan.

Rest is important too
Fit bodies were not built in one day so don’t feel like you must do it all in one day either. Alternate your muscle groups so they can heal and grow. It’s never good to push yourself too far or you may wind up with an injury.

Don’t let anything stop you
Speaking of injuries, what if you do pull a muscle or sustain some kind of injury? After seeing your doctor, as long as you have the go-ahead to continue, keep moving in some way. For example, maybe running is out of the picture but walking is ok. Or perhaps you’ve torn your rotator cuff and need to let your shoulder recover before picking those weights back up again. Whatever it is, keep moving in some way without worsening your injury so that it doesn’t set you back.

If you keep up with exercising, you’re going to see results in your weight management. Those results and my coaching will help you keep moving to your next goal – to be your healthiest ever!

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