Finding the Strength to Lose Weight After Your Pregnancy

Finding the Strength to Lose Weight After Your Pregnancy


You did it! Congratulations on your sweet bundle! I just love babies! Mine are no longer babies, but I remember all too well how it was to try to get my body back after having them.


It is absolutely amazing when you think about what the human body is capable of, especially the female body! Our bodies were made for bringing children into the world. It’s perfectly natural to gain weight during your pregnancy. In fact, you SHOULD have gained some weight to help nourish your baby. But after giving birth, once your doctor has cleared you for more vigorous exercise, you might be frustrated to find it’s not melting right off, even if you’re breastfeeding which tends to help it along.

So many women become frustrated at this point. I’ve had the baby, now why can’t I get right back into my skinny jeans?!? I totally get it. I was there once too. But you’ve got to remember it took 9 months to grow that beautiful baby inside of you. Your body went through so many more changes too than merely being an extra 20 pounds or so heavier than you were going in.


And for some of you, you might have had no trouble getting back down to size after that first baby. But that second baby? For many women, it takes much longer to lose the weight after a second or third child. For women that have had a C-section, it can take even longer.


Where can you go from here? Well, you can come on a health and wellness journey with me that will help you lose that weight after having a baby, that’s what! I can show you what I did to be successful and get back into my pre-baby clothing. And I can show you how to do it all in a healthy way that doesn’t involve starving yourself.


But in order to focus on your weight management after the baby, you’ve got to remember to take the time for yourself. Yes, there’s a tiny little person you must attend to now, but just because you’ve become a mom doesn’t mean the person you were doesn’t exist. You still like funny movies, classic rock, and getting your nails done. You’ve got to nurture yourself inside and out so that you can be successful with your post-baby weight loss.


It’s not going to just fall off though. Nothing worth having is easy to get and you’ve got to put forth the effort. But I’ll be here every step of the way to help guide you so that you CAN be successful. Together we can solve your weight management problems and keep you strong and healthy after your baby.


This is the time when your baby needs you the most, but if you’re not taking care of you, then you can’t give her 100%. You can do it!

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