Healthy Herber For A Healthy Life-Nutrition and Healthy Living

Healthy Herber For A Healthy Life-Nutrition and Healthy Living

Healthy Herbs for a Healthy Life


In my last post, I hope I was persuasive enough to convince you that healthy eating doesn’t mean boring eating. I touched a bit on herbs and how they can add tremendous flavor and healthful benefits for your weight management and health program without adding fat or calories, or compromising on flavor. In this post, I want to talk to you some more about some great herbs and spices that will liven up your meals and give you some additional healthful benefits.



Sometimes called coriander, cilantro is slightly bitter in taste but adds an interesting flavor to your foods. While you’re busy enjoying the taste, it’s busy clearing heavy metals from your body. Try it as a garnish on your meals or mix it in with cauliflower rice and lime for a southwestern flair.



In fresh form, this root looks almost exactly like ginger root (another great one for your health). But even if you use it dried, it still gives you plenty of healthy benefits along with a bright yellow color that’s commonly associated with curries. Make a curry using this root and you’ll revel in the anti-cancer properties it possesses.



Ginger has been used in Asia since ancient times. It can be your best friend in weight management too since it helps increase your feeling of fullness and makes you feel less hungry. It also quells stomach problems. Make your own fresh salad dressing with grated ginger or add it to any dish you choose. It’s also amazing when you steep slices of it in hot water for a soothing ginger tea.



I love cinnamon because it adds that warm sweetness that makes us feel cozy inside. But it’s also antimicrobial and prevents many illnesses. There are so many ways to incorporate it from adding it to honey and smearing on wheat toast to sprinkling apple slices with it and beyond.



Cloves have a very strong aroma and taste, however they’re also incredibly high in antioxidants. They have the highest concentration of antioxidants and polyphenols which help keep you young and protect you from free radical damage. They’re often added to our holiday desserts, but you can get the benefits of cloves by adding them with turmeric to your curry for an incredible earthy taste.


Chili Powder

Your digestive system will thank you when you use chili powder in your cooking because it helps improve digestion and prevent acid reflux. Your taste buds will thank you too. Keep your meats low-cal while adding a hint of spice to really amp up the flavor.


When you’re following a health program, you should absolutely incorporate these herbs and spices into your cooking to get the most flavor and healthful benefits so that you’ll still enjoy eating. In fact, I think you’ll love it even more when you see how good healthy can taste!

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